What is the Outreach service?

Outreach offers young people the chance to access drug and alcohol related help in the community.
We’ll meet you where you’re at. That means home visits or at the local shops or at the park or somewhere after school or work.  We’re pretty flexible.

We’ll work with anyone aged between 12 and 25 who live in the Brisbane region and who are motivated to make changes to their drug and alcohol use.

We work from a harm minimisation framework which means we don’t expect you to stop using all substances but we help by reducing the negative effects and risks associated with what you’re using.

Of course if you want to stop all together we can help with that too.

What do we offer?

We offer drug and alcohol education and case management. Case management means we provide assessments and then treatment including drug and alcohol related counselling and relapse prevention. We are really good at helping with any drug and alcohol, mental health and primary health issues you may have. We can also assist with issues related to Centrelink, housing, school, work or the law.

We’ll hook you up with other services that might be able to help you with other parts of your life.

We work closely with other parts of the ADAWS program like the residential program and Area 40. We can assist you in accessing these if you are interested.

You will be assigned your own Outreach worker who will meet up with you once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less – it depends where you are at) to develop your own personal treatment plan and provide you with support in achieving your goals.